I'm quite a bit behind in creating this blog. It's been in my head for years and finally making it onto the internet. I just wanted my blog to feel like the missing link in sharing the things I am interested in. I mean, really, my family can only praise me so much. I hope that this will become an interactive forum where we can all share ideas, projects, techniques, and pages. I hope to inspire and be inspired. PaperNana came about because my g-babies call me Nana and I love paper of all kinds, therefore I combined the best of both worlds. Welcome to PaperNana Creations!


Here goes everything!

Like I said, this blog has been a long time coming. I read an article linked to by Kayla on her blog at Digital Scrapbooking 101.  It embodies so much of my feelings, excuses, fear, successes, and reasons to keep trying, no matter the cost.  There is a cost you know, at least to me.  If I don't embrace and nurture my creative side then I notice the rest of my life feels like it's missing something.  I need some sort of creative outlet everyday, whether it be small or large.  To ME, it does make a difference.  Maybe you can relate to this too. Check it out here http://zenhabits.net/the-little-but-really-useful-guide-to-creativity/.  Can you relate?

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