I'm quite a bit behind in creating this blog. It's been in my head for years and finally making it onto the internet. I just wanted my blog to feel like the missing link in sharing the things I am interested in. I mean, really, my family can only praise me so much. I hope that this will become an interactive forum where we can all share ideas, projects, techniques, and pages. I hope to inspire and be inspired. PaperNana came about because my g-babies call me Nana and I love paper of all kinds, therefore I combined the best of both worlds. Welcome to PaperNana Creations!


Crepes Sunday!

I decided to pull out the camera and share in one of our family favorites.  I bet you wish you were here!  Our family has the tradition of making crepes on the first weekend of October and April, to correspond with the General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  We get into mass production mode between sessions, and oh man, they are sooooo good!  I still haven't got the batter proportion quite right yet--do I double, triple, quadruple?  Whatever amount I make, I always have to make more (and I've been doing this for about 20 years!).

The best ingredient are the berries which we pick up frozen from Sam's Club or Costco and let them thaw, then sweeten slightly.  If you want chocolate chips melted on your crepes, then you'd better let me know while they are still on the pan so they will melt to perfection by the time it hits your plate.  Yogurt is usually an option, but if there's ice cream in the freezer, it's been known to be an ingredient as well.  Hey, European Connection did it!  Last, but certainly not least, don't forget the berry syrup- either boysenberry or blueberry.  It is the crowning glory and decorative touch, especially when it blends with all the delicious juice from the berries.

I stand at the griddle cooking for so long that once people have had their breakfast crepes, round 2 starts.  I see ham and cheese start to replace the previous ingredients and now we're into lunch crepes.  Oh well, I'll keep cooking as long as people keep eating.  All I ask is for a hot crepe when I sit down to eat.  That isn't too much to ask.

I should let you know that I also make crepes for Christmas.  They really aren't hard to make, they're just time consuming.  (There's a reason I buy cold cereal!)  Three times a year for a delicious brunch and gathering of family and friends equals a wonderful meal and great company.

"Crepes, thanks for the memories, see ya in December."


  1. Cute blog! I thought about you on Sunday and wondered if you were making crepes. We should have wandered on over. Looks delicious!