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Missing you...

I haven't posted lately, mostly because I have been preoccupied with a dear friend of our family who has just lost a short but fierce battle with cancer.  She passed away yesterday, after given a short time to survive after her cancer came back and attacked her entire body.  It's hard to believe how quickly and permanently a life can change in just 6 short months.  I am so grateful she was surrounded by those who loved her most--her husband, two young daughters, mother, mother and father-in-law, and other special family members who have been offering constant service in the care of her children.  

Here's a picture of the girls back in 2005, when they went to visit my daughter, Laura, at Utah Sate one weekend (90 min drive each way).  Just another example of how they supported each other.
(My daughter Laura, Denise, Christie, Trisha (in front), my daughter Sarah)

My daughter, Sarah, was very fortunate to make a journey from her home to see Denise (6 hour drive) and spend some time with her over the course of three days, and take care of her daughters to give the family some relief time.  We all made that trip vicariously with Sarah, and were grateful for the updates and expressions of love she passed on for so many of us who felt helpless being so far away.

This is what I posted on FB to express just how much I love this girl and the powerful influence she has had on my family, and everyone who's known her:

One of my basketball "daughters" passed away today leaving behind a husband, and two little girls ages 1 and (almost) 3, as well as many family members and friends. Denise Angus Lahusky has made a difference in the lives of everyone she has ever met. I am privileged to have had her spend so much time in my home, and with my daughters during their years at Kearns High School (graduating class of 2005). Those girls have formed a bond which will last for all time, and I feel blessed to have been a part of it and watch the love and support they continue to give each other, especially Denise. She was without guile, had a teachable, fun-loving and child-like manner about her, always giving without concern of receiving. I love you D, and know the world will be just a little dimmer without your bright spirit in it. May you rest in peace from your cancer-ridden body. You have fulfilled your mission, and I look forward to when I will see you again.

I love the sentiment on this card.  So many people "talk" just because they can, and don't say much of anything, but Denise shared and communicated through her playful personality, sincere love and concern for others. and the way she could light up a room with her smile.  I picture her singing-her life had a purpose and I truly believe that she will continue to use her talents and abilities to love and serve in the next life.  For now, Denise, have a nice rest in the arms of your Savior, and hum your favorite song.  You'll be forever loved and remembered...

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  1. I love you Mom! Thanks for all of your thoughts and support. Denise truly is wonderful.